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Arne Huber Quartet

Arne Huber (Bass/Composition)

Domenic Landolf (Sax/Clarinet)

Rainer Böhm (Piano)

Jochen Rueckert (Drums)

„Im echten Leben“

The Freiburg bassist Arne Huber calls his new CD „In real life.“ Bam! With a proven toolbox consisting of saxophone, piano, bass and drums, he opens the door to music for everyday life.

The title of his CD is an invitation to anyone who is looking for a soundtrack for life with no bias, without wanting to be guided by the rigid rituals of a genre. „In Real Life“ is already the third recording of the quartet. Sharp in the contours, soft in the colors and of delicate precision, each of the new songs is for itself the negotiation of a sound aesthetics anchored in classical music with a vocabulary that comes from jazz. In contrast to comparatively occupied formations, the Arne Huber Quartet has no common social background. Huber lives in Freiburg, Rückert in New York, Landolf in Basel, and Böhm in Cologne. The Berlin saxophonist Wanja Slavin complements the quartet for three songs not only for its special sound, but also for a further piece of horizon. Five cities, three countries, two continents on one CD. It can hardly be more comprehensive. A CD as in real life.

Wolf Kampmann



A bass player as band leader is still quite uncommon. Arne Huber proves that there is no musical reason for this. “Pearls” is the second album of the Arne Huber Quartet, after “Jordan” (2009). On “Pearls”, which consists mainly of original compositions by Huber, he again explores the depth of modern jazz, with great skill and a lot of musical sensitivity. The bass player is joined in this endeavour by his band colleagues Domenic Landolf (bcl, tsax), Rainer Böhm (p), and Jochen Rückert (dr).


-Arne Huber 4tett „Im echten Leben“ Domenic Landolf/ Rainer Böhm/Jochen Rücker + Wanja Slavin on track 1,3 & 6- (Meta Records)

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-Arne Huber 4tett „Pearls“ Domenic Landolf/ Rainer Böhm/Jochen Rückert- (Meta Records)

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-Arne Huber 4tett „Jordan“ Domenic Landolf/ Rainer Böhm/Jochen Rückert (Nagel/Heyer)

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“It’s always refreshing to hear new music that satisfies both the heart and the head. This new release by the Arne Huber Quartet is one such CD.

Firstly, the original compositions, all by Huber, are, at their root, highly melodic, which is the key to this CD being such a satisfying listen. The rich, unpredictable, and often soulful harmonic structures of the songs provide another layer to sink one’s teeth into, as a listener.

As for the playing, there is great maturity and taste amongst all these players – not only in what they play, but in what they don’t play. You will be pleased by Arne’s haunting composition, ›Gemini‹, not only for it’s beauty and harmonic inventiveness, but for the care in which each player takes in interpreting it. The first strains float in, cloud-like, with pianist Rainer Böhm and drummer Jochen Rückert embellishing only sparingly, with their focus being on texture and color, all in support of the main theme, played beautifully by Domenic Landolf.

As for our bandleader, one needs only to listen to ›Freitag‹ to get a sense of his command as a bassist. On this fascinating piece, through shifting key centers and time signatures, Arne solos with ease and subtlety, taking the focus away from the demands of the composition, and making it sound like a walk in the park, albeit a strange park that you might want to avoid at night.

One of the three well chosen standards, ›My Little Brown Book‹, features Böhm’s understated and swinging stride piano and great clarinet playing by Landolf. The track stands out as a unique tip of the hat to an era for which this quartet has obvious respect, but all the while they are able to interject a modern angularity here and there, ever so tastefully, putting their own stamp on the song. This, in spite of its strong association with the classic Coltrane/Ellington album.

Larry Goldings


Bird's Eye - Arne Huber Quartet - 2 Luglio 2014-63
photo by Lorenzo Del Pace

Bird's Eye - Arne Huber Quartet - 2 Luglio 2014-37
photo by Lorenzo Del Pace

Bird's Eye - Arne Huber Quartet - 2 Luglio 2014-29
photo by Lorenzo Del Pace

photo by nadine heller-menzel
photo by nadine heller-menzel